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Is it possible to capture the essence of a time or of a place through an artistic medium? On the other hand, does the characterization of time and place within a work of art overwhelm the personal expression of the artist?
These are paramount questions for the Israeli photographer. The land in which they live and work is replete with gripping visual scenes, and striking images both human and landscape. The challenge is at once to do justice to the external reality and not attempt to usurp the power of the place and moment, while giving rein to deeply personal comment and reaction to the subject.
Yosefa Drescher, a well known Israeli documentary photographer, has recently looked up from the eyepiece of her own camera to the works of other Israeli photographers. Through the critical lens of her own eye she has collected the photographs of ten selected Israeli artists who have, each in a unique and personal way, managed to capture the strength of the image and its context, without subsuming their own artistic expression.

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